(Originally titled “Performance Anxiety” but I changed it because snickering.) I am not a performer. I don’t enjoy the spotlight. I’m not even a particularly eloquent speaker: I talk too fast at the best of times and I stammer when I meet someone new or when I’m nervous. I possess just enough coordination so I … More Fright

Celestial Chaos is now available on select channels!

And it’ll be available on a couple more in the coming weeks! Celestial Chaos is now available on Amazon and AllRomanceEbooks. Everything’s been uploaded to Kobo and it’ll be available there in the next few days (I hope) and I’ll have it uploaded to Smashwords in the next couple of days. The print edition will … More Celestial Chaos is now available on select channels!


Wow. I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to drop off the face of the earth for over two months. In book news, Celestial Chaos is now in the proofreading stages, so I’m expecting to release it this summer. It would have been earlier, but a major family event occurred in the spring, and I was derailed. … More Loss


As of this evening, I’m on a one-week vacation from Le Day Job. One week to make myself more of a hermit while I finish as much of the revisions for Celestial Chaos as possible, and likely some other boring life stuff as well. Case in point: I was cleaning out my purse this week … More Staycation

Can I still say “Happy New Year” 11 days into January?

First of all—the first draft of Celestial Chaos is done. It’s 5,000 words over what I originally figured it would be, and that word count will probably change once I’m finished writing the second draft, but it’s DONE. I’d planned on completing the first draft by New Year’s Eve, but since I’d rather spend December … More Can I still say “Happy New Year” 11 days into January?