And if you’ve been seeing that on any of my social media you may follow, well… while I often live-tweet the writing process from Starbucks or my home office or wherever, you may know that I’m a slower writer than many. Which is why my having a brand-new novelette out there, right after Blood Ties was published, is so frigging amazing.

Castaways is a 14,000-word novelette. It’s currently available only on Amazon as AllRomance Ebooks has closed down (ugly, ugly business–if you’ve seen my Twitter feed or Facebook page you already know how pissed off I was, and I *wasn’t* one of the authors who was fleeced out of thousands of dollars), so click here to get your copy.

Castaways - High Resolution.jpg

Isn’t the cover awesome? James at created it. 

I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions, but I’ll be blogging a little more here going into 2017. I’m still putting together my annual “What I Read” listicle, and it’ll be up in the next couple of days. Until then, I’ll see you on Twitter.

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