DEAD RINGER now available!

So, what’s new, you ask (or not, if you’ve stumbled on here by accident)? Well, the big news is that Dead Ringer is now available, across all sales channels! A print edition will be available very soon—think a matter of days—I’ve already received a proof copy and I have to make a couple of corrections before I approve it. The gorgeous cover (seriously, I squee’d like a kid at Christmas when I saw it) is designed by Robin Ludwig, who also created the covers for The Commons books, and proofread by Katrina at Calliope Writing Services.


As I’ve written here before, I have a couple of projects on the go in various states of completion. It’s incredible how completely changing my routine has spurred me into action—work! School! Homework! Reading (both course work and novels)! Writing!—and I’m finding myself more productive than I was before I had my ass parked at a desk for twenty hours a week. Uh, an extra twenty hours a week, since Le Day Job involves quite a lot of sitting in front of a computer screen. It figures that by the time I finally joined the 21st century and signed up for a Netflix account, I don’t have time to watch anything (MM, on the other hand, has totally embraced it, which makes the expense worthwhile), and my queue gets ever longer, waiting for reading week. During which I’ll study, I promise. But I’ll also catch up on the final season of Mad Men and finally watch Star Trek: Into Darkness.


Getting back on topic, review copies for Dead Ringer are still available via Goodreads (Making Connections and Advanced Copies for Review), with the stipulation that reviews be posted within a month of receiving an e-copy.

How’s your week going?

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