As of this evening, I’m on a one-week vacation from Le Day Job. One week to make myself more of a hermit while I finish as much of the revisions for Celestial Chaos as possible, and likely some other boring life stuff as well. Case in point: I was cleaning out my purse this week and found a blood work order from my new family doctor that was issued in the fall, to see if I’m immune to a couple of childhood diseases (he’s big on blood work—he sent me in for everything short of a CAT scan when I started seeing him and that detail was missed). I’m not very good at being an adult. So, I’ll be heading up the road to the clinic sometime this week.

I haven’t had this kind of vacation in a couple of years—last year we went to the UK for a couple of weeks and that was it for 2012. In previous years I haven’t used as much vacation time as I’m eligible for due to work issues, namely being the only person available to do my job. I still get vacation pay whether or not I actually take time off; it just wasn’t really practical. But as of this year I get an extra week *and* extra pay (times like these, I really love being part of a union), and the only other time off I have to look forward to is jury duty selection in the spring, so…I’m taking some time for myself. I want to get this book out!

I’m around 30,000 words into the second draft, and it’s around that time where writing feels like work. I want to set it aside and start on something new, the way I feel at Le Day Job when tasked with something monotonous. That faulty part of my work ethic was the reason Celestial Chaos came into being—I was doing the final revisions on Supernova before it went out to the beta readers and wanted to write something else in the same universe. Supernova probably would have been published a little earlier had I not been sidetracked by the story that eventually became Celestial Chaos.

*Closes Internet browser, pulls up work*

(And in case you’re wondering: No, I’m not actually looking forward to jury duty. I delayed it as long as possible.)

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