First post!

So, it occurred to me today while I was setting up my CISS account with Collections Canada that I should probably start this new blog. The blog I bought and set up (sort of–as of this writing I haven’t really tweaked the default settings) back in, oh, July? My perfectly legitimate excuse is that I was writing and messing around with my book-to-be. The book-to-be that’s launching this fall. Oops.
I haven’t blogged in years, and I don’t count an old LiveJournal account as blogging (the angst! The drama! It’s still up there on the interwebs but the entries are friends-only and I only have it to keep in touch with a few people). The last time I set up a blog was when GeoCities was alive and thriving and I still thought the goth look was attractive. Needless to say, it’s been awhile.

My thing about blogging is this: I don’t think my life is that interesting. It’s the same issue I have with Twitter. Anyone who reads my tweets probably thinks I drink way too much and spend too much time at my computer. Only the latter is true. It’s just that I only care to share witty thoughts with the world when I’m shambling into a cab at one a.m. following a few drinks at my sister’s favourite pub, which has become my favourite pub because I spend too much time in front of the computer and therefore haven’t found one of my own.

So, I should probably talk about my writing.

My first novel is being released into the world at the end of September. It’s a time travel/sci-fi romance, one of my favourite types of books to read and of which there are far too few out there. Supernova will be available the first week of October, and yes, I’m excited about it. It’s been torn apart, sewn back together, and edited (by betas and a professional proofreader). It’s been formatted and scrutinized. Now I’m just waiting for the cover art (and no, I won’t be tackling that, I’m not nuts).

Hopefully I’ll have my cover and blurb available very soon, and I promise I will stick with this blogging thing.

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